the Bingo    


Top left Felix Top right Monica Middle left Kathleen Middle right Sheila Bottom left Jean Bottom right Eileen & Eileen
"Every game’s tough. Every game you play, in your life, it’s always tough. I don’t win very much, but I like the people here; they’re like a family. I travel in from Rainham. I’m trying to cut down, but it’s stamping day today. If you get enough stamps you get prizes. For Christmas you can get turkey, ham, vodka!

I used to be a builder. I built anything, anything at all, I did a lot of work in churches, a lot of extensions, but I can do anything people want me to do.

I always wear a hat, always have done, ever since I was young. I don’t know why, really, it’s just something I’ve always done. I have four more hats like this one. It’s good quality, you can see. I have a black one, and an orange one; yes, I always wear a hat." (Felix)


"I come here three times a week. I always buy the same number of tickets. It’s somewhere to go, isn’t it? You get to knople. You can get your lunch for a poow peund before one o’clock, and a dessert for a pound too. It keeps you active, keeps your mind going." (Kathleen)
"I stop at the shopping centre regularly on my way from work. It is a friendly environment where you can have a chat, buy things you need, have some fun and catch a train to go home." (Sheila)
"It’s not about the winning. There’s the excitement of it, of course, not knowing if you’re going to win, but I come here to socialise, really. I know everyone here. I like the way Patrick treats his customers. It’s a good place." (Jean)